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Portal Design in Radiation Therapy

This radiation therapy treatment guide book contains over 120 images and illustrations of anatomy and lymphatics typically included within treatment portals. Current tissue tolerance charts for organs at risk are included. CT and MR images along with descriptions of surrounding anatomy, routes of spread, technical aspects of portal design and typical doses employed for each tumor site are provided.

Portal Design in Radiation Therapy, 3rd Edition

Authored by:

Anne Marie Vann, M.Ed., C.M.D., RT(R)(T)

Bryon G. Dasher, M.D.

Nancy H. Wiggers, M.D.

Sharon K. Chestnut,C.M.D. RT(T)

Illustrated by: Kirah Van Sickle, M.S.M.I.
Reviewed by: Patrick Markwalter, M.D.

$108 (includes shipping within the continental USA)

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